How To Connect LG Soundbar To TV? [Simple Steps]

LG is great at making top-of-the-range audio equipment. Their selection of soundbars is some of the best and most simple to use on the market. This means they’re great for when you want to sync them up to your TV. Adding an LG soundbar to your home TV setup will enhance any movie night and create a full sound experience.

If you’re unsure how to connect an LG soundbar to a TV, check out this article where we’ll have a look at a few of the simple options for getting them connected.

How To Connect LG Soundbar To TV?

How To Connect LG Soundbar To TV?

Connect LG Soundbar To LG TV

If you’ve got an LG TV, the process for connecting the devices is super simple. The Sound Sync technology available in the TV is designed to connect other devices with absolute ease and reduce any need for wires. Assuming the devices are compatible with the LG TV, this is the simplest method of connecting using Bluetooth technology.

  1. Start off by ensuring that both devices are turned on. The TV and soundbar are connected to the power supply and are receiving power.
  2. Next up, get the LG TV magic remote and press the HOME button. Then go up to the Settings icon at the top right of the screen.
  3. Choose the Sound icon on the menu and then the Sound Out choice from the next menu.
  4. On this menu, you’ll see a few options with the current most likely the TV Speaker setting. Change the TV Speaker setting to the LG Sound Sync (Wireless) option.
  5. Device Selection should then pop up and the LG TV will begin searching for other devices within range. now, on your compatible soundbar, press the LG TV button to that the soundbar can be found by the TV.
  6. After a couple of seconds, the soundbar should appear on the TV settings screen with the relevant name. Choose this device and wait for the connection to complete.

The soundbar should now be connected to the LG TV and this will be shown under the paired devices on the Sound Out settings.

Connect LG Soundbar To TV

So you’ve bought yourself a new LG soundbar but it’s not compatible with your current TV? No problem at all, an LG soundbar can easily be connected to other non-compatible devices without having to use the Sound Sync technology.

Connect LG Soundbar To TV With HDMI Cable

Using an HDMI cable is one of the easiest methods of connecting your soundbar to the TV. It’s simple and most households will have an HDMI cable on hand which will be good enough for the job. However, if you don’t have a spare cable available, here’s a good cheap option.

  1. First up, connect one end of the cable to the ‘HDMI OUT’ (TV eARC/ARC) port on the back of the soundbar.
  2. Then, using the other end of the HDMI cable, connect it to the ‘HDMI IN’ port on the back of the TV. Again, this will need to be the eARC/ARC port.
  3. Next, using the TV remote control, you’ll need to change the TV’s Sound Output to HDMI.
  4. Choose ‘Settings’ and then ‘Sound’. Once you’re in ‘Sound’, you should have a ‘Sound Out’ element in the menu.
  5. Under ‘Sound Out’, choose ‘Use Wired Speaker’ or the equivalent for the TV.
  6. Finally, select the ‘HDMI(ARC)’ option on the menu to confirm the device is connected via HDMI cable. This should then show up on the display od the soundbar to confirm that the device is successfully connected to the TV.