Best JBL 18 Inch Subwoofer [Incredible Bass]

If you’re thinking about getting a new subwoofer for your home movie room, an 18-inch JBL subwoofer could be the perfect choice for you. If you’re serious about adding intense bass and thunderous lower-frequency sounds, an 18-inch sub will be able to offer professional-level sound for the most epic of movie nights.

When it comes to the JBL subwoofer range, the JBL Professional EON718S Self-Powered Subwoofer is an incredible 18-inch option that will give you a totally premium sound experience. We’re talking room shaking, heart pounding, floor vibrating sounds. Deep bass can turn a quiet bang into a showstopping explosion.

The JBL Professional EON718S Self-Powered Subwoofer is the best from the JBL 18-inch subwoofer range.

If you’re not sure if this subwoofer is for you, check out our guide below to help give you a better understanding.

Let’s get into it and find out a little more about the JBL Professional EON718S 18-inch subwoofer.

Best JBL 18 Inch Subwoofer

JBL Professional EON718S Self-Powered Subwoofer, 18-inch

Image source: JBL

One of the best-selling series of professional speakers by JBL is the EON series. Released back in the 90s, this series has been a favorite for professional engineers and recording artists. The JBL EON718S Self-Powered Subwoofer is the largest in the subseries at 18 inches. 

Part of the EON700 family, this active subwoofer has a simple box-shaped design with built-in ergonomic handles on the sides to help lift it. It’s large but still portable, so it can even be used on the road. 

This is better suited for live sound as it packs in quite a high volume. That said, it’s super versatile and can be used in any venue where you need volume with a powerful punch of bass. 


All JBL EON700 series products, including this sub, utilize advanced digital signal processing (DSP) that improves the live sound. It has a peak power requirement of 1,500 W, so you can imagine just how powerful this 18-inch subwoofer is. 

It also has a built-in two-channel digital mixer, so it can accommodate two mixers or other inputs. 

As it’s designed for use in live venues, they have made it quite sturdy. Its housing is made of 15-ply birch enclosures that protect everything on the inside while also giving the sub a contemporary look. 

One of the standout features of this product, which also makes it an ideal choice for live sound, is that it has acoustic engineering. In other words, it’s designed to take into account the acoustics of the space when producing bass. That’s innovative but also super convenient for those who play in different venues. 

It can produce bass as low as 31 Hz with a max SPL of 131 dB. JBL says it has tested this sub and other speakers in the series for 100 hours straight to detect failure or loss of quality of sound. Fortunately, it’s reliable for those long performances, such as weekend nights at bars or festivals that go on for days. 

It also has a threaded pole mount at the bottom, so you can put it on a pole or even stack it. 


  • Powerful, acoustically-adjusted bass
  • Rugged built
  • Integrated LCD screen for controls
  • Advanced DSP package


  • High peak power
  • May need more subs for larger venues

Our Verdict

“There’s no denying, this is a serious subwoofer for people after a seriosuly professional sound system. It turns ordinary sounds into a masterpiece of deep, booming noise. If you’re worried about upsetting your neighbours, then this sub proably isn’t the right choice for you. It’s got everything you need for a movie like experience in your home. It’s big and powerful and will not dissapoint, especially if it’s just for a home setup.”

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