REL HT/1510 Predator Subwoofer [Best Sound Quality?]

REL Acoustics has a habit of producing really great quality audio products that are perfect for home audio setups. We took a look at the best subwoofers from REL and discovered the model with the overall best sound quality was the REL Acoustics HT/1510 Predator Subwoofer.

It’s powerful, and punchy and offers a silky smooth bass for those movie nights that need it. If you’re happy to spend perhaps a little more than usual, the HT/1510 Predator Subwoofer is an almighty piece of kit that won’t disappoint.

If you’re still unsure whether this is the best REL subwoofer for you, carry on reading and we’ll go into more detail about each one and help you decide which is the ideal pick for your home audio setup.

Let’s get into it and find out more about the HT/1510 Predator Subwoofer.

REL HT/1510 Predator Subwoofer

REL HT/1510 Predator Subwoofer Review

REL Acoustics HT/1510 Predator Subwoofer

Rel HT1510 Predator Subwoofer

The REL Acoustics HT/1510 Predator is the premium-quality, high-power subwoofer from the HT series with extremely high output. It’s also one of the most expensive in the series and has won awards for Home Theater of the Year. 

The company has released the Predator with even more power, a measurable improvement over the original HT/1510, which in itself was a strong product. It’s ideal for those who don’t have budget constraints and want only the best. It can work with any home theater system and can be paired with other REL series subwoofers, such as our top pick, the T/7x. 


DRIVER 15 in., CarbonGlas™ using glass fiber primary cone
HEIGHT 21.0″ 
WIDTH 19.0″ 
DEPTH 18.0″ 
WEIGHT 70.0 lbs / 31.8 kg

Key Features

  • Extreme low-level frequency sound, ideal for surround sound home theater systems
  • 15-inch glass fiber driver reinforced with a carbon fiber center cap
  • Increased 1,000 watts driver with four 400-watt mosfets
  • Stackable with up to three units for peak output for large screens
  • Compatible with HT-Air Wireless, which REL’s affordable, zero-compression offering

The large 15-inch driver of this REL subwoofer is deliberately designed to retain the cone structure even when it gets massive signals. This is thanks to the 3-inch voice coil that aligns with the carbon fiber cap, ensuring even the biggest explosions in the movie don’t unphase it. 

Of course, the powerful driver is paired with an even more powerful amplifier. They’ve upgraded the amplifier to a massive 1,000 watts for this model. Again, when those special sound effects hit, the subwoofer already has the capacity to relay them as is. 

Because of its massive driver and amplifier, it can deliver great bass. Although the subwoofer is pretty powerful on its own, for spaces bigger than 400 sq. ft, it can be stacked with one or two other subwoofers of the same kind. 

It can be used with both Airship II and HT-Air for wireless inputs. Of course, these are optional and must be purchased separately. 


  • Unparallel sound quality that’s consistent even for special effects
  • Big driver size
  • Minimalistic cabinet design that blends into any interior style
  • Covers large spaces easily
  • Three-year warranty


  • Expensive
  • High power demand