SVS PB16-Ultra Ported Subwoofer Review [Too Big?]

Sometimes in life, bigger really is better. This is especially the case when we’re talking subwoofers. If you want the biggest and baddest of bass sounds, then that usually requires a device that is fairly large. With that said, the PB16-Ultra Ported Subwoofer from SVS certainly has got that. In fact, in our review of the best SVS subwoofer, we found the PB16-Ultra Ported Subwoofer to be the best option for large rooms, because, well, it’s a bit of a monster.

If you’re still unsure whether this is the best SVS subwoofer for you, carry on reading and we’ll go into more detail about each one and help you decide which is the ideal pick for your home audio setup.

Let’s get into it and find out more about the PB16-Ultra Ported Subwoofer.

SVS PB16-Ultra Ported Subwoofer Review

SVS PB16-Ultra Ported Subwoofer Review

SVS PB16-Ultra Ported Subwoofer

SVS PB16-Ultra Ported Subwoofer
Image source: SVS
Power1500 Watts RMS and 500 Watts Peak Dynamic Power
Connected ByAuxiliary
Dimensions21.7 by 30.9 by 25 inches
Weight200 pounds

SVS has done it again with this beast of a subwoofer. The biggest and baddest subwoofers are in town, best for parties and events requiring you to strap your seatbelts in for the sound it will make.

The PB16-Ultra Pro offers titanic sound volume and extreme power, which still delivers undistorted clear and rich sound,

The app is an amazing add-on that offers you limitless options to adjust the settings to how you wish, without having to leave your seat.

Easy to connect with different speakers and plug-and-play design

The massive 16” Ultra driver gives a great range of sound and frequency possible through the 8” edge wound coils, which are rarely seen in consumer speakers and subwoofers

Sonic muscles of STA-1500D amplify the sound to the clouds with their 1,500 watts of continuous power, keeping the levels high for as long as you require. Whether it’s a 3-hour movie or an all-night party, you’ll not need to worry about running out of power.

The design of the PB16-Ultra Pro is gorgeous and will leave your guests in awe of its quality. A piano gloss black is a stunning option that adds that stylish bit of shine.

Although large for some rooms, it sends superb sound wave quality equally to every inch of the room. The PB16-Ultra Pro is an excellent choice for those rooms which need to cover a lot of space.


  • Perfect for large rooms
  • Can cover a big surface area
  • Worth it but only if you are super serious about music/movies
  • Amazingly rich low tones
  • Looks better than the pictures